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Fitness, Business and Life - LAIRD HAMILTON

May 23, 2022 Dr. Terry Weyman and Dr. Spencer Baron
The Crackin' Backs Podcast
Fitness, Business and Life - LAIRD HAMILTON
Show Notes

Our next guest is no stranger in the world of Fitness and nutrition! We are thrilled and honored to have with us today, LAIRD HAMILTON

(A little forewarning, I know I get a little excited and sometimes over talk the guest, (a lesson I truly learned with this guest) however, there are people on this earth you admire to the core, Mr. Hamilton is one of these humans for me (Dr. Terry Weyman). Heros don't always wear cape, please excuse my lack of focus, lack of strong questions as I was a little star struck being a SoCal Surfer. It won't happen again, please allow me the grace on this one.)

At 6’3”, 215 pounds, with an uncommon combination of balance, flexibility, and strength, Laird Hamilton is truly a "larger than life"​ athlete. Not only is he the quintessential big wave surfer, Laird is also known as a world renowned “innovator”, and guiding genius of crossover board sports including tow-in surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and hydrofoil boarding.

Over the last decade Laird has transcended surfing to become an international fitness icon and nutrition expert. Many of today's top professional athletes, look to Laird for training guidance, including instruction in his unique underwater resistance workouts.

you can learn more about this amazing man through the following links:

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